Beyoncé has been in 11-hour rehearsals in preparation for Coachella Festival. Sources say that Bey has been practicing at a high-profile studio in L.A. There are seven security guards at the studio, who are making sure only approved dancers, choreographers and technicians are allowed into the facility. Bey was supposed to perform at the festival last year, […]

    Summer is winding down and the fall semester is soon to begin. Your little ones will either be beginning school for the first time or resuming their studies. Are you excited? Are you done having them eat you out of house and home and “accidentally” breaking things in the house while you’re away […]

Hurricane season is fast approaching.  It starts June 1st and the time to get ready, is before a storm forms in the Gulf of Mexico. …

  While you can never prepare for every question, here are a few pointers to ease the interview jitters. Now that you have on your Sunday’s Best see what to do next! You’ve prepared your best suit, printed several copies of your resume and placed them in your nicest portfolio— even said a prayer. You’re […]

My father believed–and it is the validity of these beliefs which has served my life and work– that the most important step in moving toward any goal was to be prepared for opportunity when it presented itself. –Whitney M. Young, Jr. On this day,  I will take five minutes to talk to my sons about […]

Preparations under way, and some in Houston area may even see half a foot of the white stuff.