A couple of weeks ago, Jamie Foxx was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and did a spot-on impression of John Legend singing the Toys R’ Us jingle. Well, John Legend has responded to Jamie’s impression of him and shows him who the real John Legend is!  He also takes a light jab at […]


Recently Fox television host Bill O’Reilly took a shot at Al Sharpton for signing a book deal with Cash Money Records. He said, ” . . . in business with people who put out entertainment that his harmful to children . . . The fact is, Al Sharpton is allowing a company that harms black children to distribute his […]


 Tracy Martin’s Face says it all read more right here.

According to our sister station, AM 1200 WCHB – Aretha Franklin is not pleased with the response of the police, the media or her former publicist. She accuses them of “gross inaccuracies” about an alleged attack on her son this week. Aretha Franklin’s Son Brutally Beaten In Detroit Franklin issued a lengthy statement on Thursday […]

From a man's perspective- if you are the female spouse of an unemployed man, here are a few things that can help you motivate him.