Youtuber Clever Girl Finance reveals how she saved 100K in 3 years and reveals how you can to!

Check out some of the crazies way students saved money on the Steve Harvey show.  

Check out this article by Kara Stevens from Black and Married with Kids, I recently hosted my first Twitter Chat on money management basics. One of the obstacles that many of us still face is reigning in our spending and paying ourselves first. Get a head start on  your 2014 financial goals by being proactive […]

via: This heat can make folks crazy. That might be the only explanation for some of the things people do to savea buck – things that actually cost them money, in the long run. Like turning off the air conditioning when they leave home for a few hours. Read more:

It’s a fact: Texas heat is no joke. When you combine temperatures that are well within the 90s with humidity, it can make for a…