We’ve all heard the saying that friends make the best lovers. Well, according to an article in The Independent, University of Texas researchers asked students to rate each other for attractiveness at the beginning of the semester, and again at the end. They found they typically rated each other much higher at the end of […]

Janet Jackson and James DeBarge’s alleged secret child says that she has proof that the former ‘80s couple are her parents. According to Radar Online, Tiffany Whyte said that her grandmother — Etterlene DeBarge, has helped her to go forward with finding out her DNA results. She says, “I talk to my grandmother more than […]


Janet Jackson’s alleged secret daughter has spoken out. According to The Jasmine Brand, reports previously circulated that Jackson had a secret child with James DeBarge that they gave up for adoption before splitting in 1985. The daughter — Tiffany Whyte, has come forward and told the publication, “I’ve been kept a secret a very long […]

After keeping their replacement for the Affordable Care Act secret, House Republicans publicly released the bill on Monday (March 6th), two days before they plan to start voting on it. According to CNN Money, The legislation gets rid of the controversial individual mandate, which requires everyone to either have health insurance or pay a fine, […]

What You See Is What You Get “The thoughts we harbor don’t remain a secret. We attract to us that which is like our dominant thinking. If we dwell on unhappy events, we attract more unhappiness. If we dwell on lost love, we remain lost or without someone to share love” (Smith, 2011).  The same […]

How about a Churro Frappuccino or a Bubblegum Frappuccino and even a Butterbeer Frap for those Potter fans.  These are drinks along with many others that aren’t on any official Starbucks menu but are known by many Starbucks baristas.  Keep in mind its a secret, so the key word is many but not all.  Click […]


Many people have jumped the White House fence but they are always apprehended on the lawn. So how did this latest jumper make it all the way to the front door and into the White House? And whats also alarming is he was armed. Click here for More.

In a recent interview promoting Fast and Furious 6, Tyrese revealed that he also puts deodorant on his private parts. He said, “This is too much information, but I’ve been using deodorant – Secret – in both locations **points to arm pits and his manhood** for about seven years. You know cause your legs are just in constant […]

NYPD Officer Pedro Serrano testified in Federal Court along with a recording of a Superior Officer ordering him to stop and frisk black and hispanic males ages 14-21.   Click here to READ MORE.

A Houston area man is accused of shooting cell phone videos of other men in a gas station restroom. News 92 FM’s Alicia Alaniz has…

*Whoopi Goldberg is warning folks about the dangers of loud music after learning she is losing her hearing. http://www.eurweb.com/?p=122724

Terrence Howard sure has a thing for secret marriages.  I’m hearing the actor got hitched to his new girlfriendLA designer Michelle Ghant.