Dionne Warwick has denied claims that her sister sexually assaulted her cousin, Whitney Houston. According to Madamenoire, Whitney’s brother, Gary, revealed in the documentary about the late singer that she was allegedly molested by Dee Dee Warwick from the age seven to nine. Dionne has since spoken with Larry King Now, and has called the claims made by Whitney’s former assistant, Mary Jones, […]

Keke Palmer has revealed that she was once a victim of sexual abuse. Keke shared her story on Facebook Live, saying, “I come from a poor community. My Daddy drew his pension. My daddy drew his pension in order for me to be able to pursue my dreams.” She went on to say, “God is […]

HIV and AIDS has not gone away, but you hear so little about it these days.  And it’s not the only type of sexually transmitted disease to be concerned with.  Most of us consider ourselves responsible, but Love causes us to throw caution to the wind.  Do yourself a favor and click here for 10 […]