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Here are 8 rules moms need to examine when choosing a work at home business.

1. A Unique Product of Service: The first thing you want to make sure is that you partner with a manufacture that produces a product or service you can’t buy from the store such as Walmart or Target. The company should have exclusive rights and exclusive patents. The only way someone should be able obtain them is through the company you have partnered with.

2. Consumable products people need not want: Partner with a manufacturer that produces consumable products and services people need on a monthly basis. When people need your products and services they will purchase it each and every month allowing you to create a strong residual income from home.

3. No New Money: OK! In this tough economy this is the most important criteria for moms to look at when choosing a work at home business. Your goal is to find a partner that manufactures products and services people are already buying on a monthly basis. This is important because you don’t have to convince them to shop because they are already shopping so no new money is coming out of their budget. All you must do is educate them on how the products and services are a better value and cost them less than what they are already spending.

4. Stability: When you are looking for a company to partner with you what to make sure that the company has a credible track record of being successful. Never get involved with a pre-launch company or at the ground floor level. I’ve seen too many moms put their heart, sweat, soul and tears into building something for their family and within 2 to 3 years the company is no longer around. If you are going to invest your time into a company make sure it has a successful track record.

5. Top Company Management: When partnering with a company you want to investigate who is at the helm, who is the person or team driving the car. The best way to tell if a company you are looking to partner with has a strong management team is to look at the company’s history growth chart. The growth chart tells a lot, it tells you whether you can depend on the management team or not.

6. High Retention Rate: Having a high retention rate of customers ordering every single month tell me two things:

a. You can build a strong dependable residual income.

b. You are dealing with a company that manufactures superior products and services people need in the marketplace.

Think about this…

If you partnered with a company that has a 50% retention rate that means that half of your customers won’t purchase the next month, which does not create a strong residual business. If the retention rate is that low that lets me know that people really don’t need the products and services that company provides. So moms when looking for a work at home business make sure you consider the company’s retention rate.

7. Debt- Free: This is obvious! If a company is full of debt, that is a clear indicator that the company will not be around for long. Make sure you don’t invest your time in something like that!

8. Privately Owned: This is very important because the CEO of the company doesn’t have to answer to shareholders. They can base all their decisions on what’s best for the company not its investors.

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