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Welp, it’s official, I’ve turned into a bonafide yogi this year. Rolling out my mat is seriously my new favorite thing to do. I take classes all over the New York City and I even do a candle lit night practice most evenings before bed. Yep I’m addicted. But here’s the deal, I recently started to miss heavy sweating that I get in my more strenuous workouts.

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Don’t get it twisted, you totally do sweat in yoga, but see, I want to be drenched. I mean what can I say: some like it hot! So if you’re new to yoga, looking to heat things up or just want to see what this yogi heat wave is all about then read this quick beauty.

1. Is It Hot Or Not

Simply put, hot yoga is technically any yoga practiced in a hot room (usually 90-105 degrees Fahrenheit). But not all hot yogas are the same. I get around in the hot yoga world and have tried a few of the popular ones (see below), so know this: no matter how  you flow you can count on an increase in mobility, endurance and overall strength. Heated environments increase your heart rate, your metabolism and allows your blood vessels to become more flexible. Hello better circulation and blood flow. So straight up, this warmed up version of yoga is perfect for both the seasoned yogi who is looking to torch serious calories and the new yogi looking to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

2. The Popular Girl In Hot Yoga: Bikram Yoga

When it comes to hot yoga the first thing people think of is Bikram. Developed in the 1970’s by Bikram Choudhury this widely popular form of yoga is a sweaty practice that encompasses 26 sequential and systematic poses. That’s right same poses every single time. This quality of redundancy is attractive to some yet boring to others. I started in the former camp back when I first discovered this practice, however ended up on team bored a couple years later. Bikram classes are 90 minutes of sweaty fun in a room set to 105 degrees, so if you are down for the challenge find a studio near you.

3. My New Bestie: Baptiste Yoga

Baptiste Yoga is so hot! Literally and figuratively. I recently had a chance to flow with the yogis at Lyons Den Power Yoga in New York city (which is by the way the only Baptiste yoga studio in Manhattan) and it was most definitely love at first sweat. Developed by Baron Baptiste, Baptiste Yoga is a beautiful fusion on several styles. However unlike Bikram, classes do not follow a set series of poses or sequences. The room is set at 90 degrees so it’s nice and toasty without being stuffy. Add Baptiste Yoga to your “must try asap” list and who knows, I may just be downward dogging it right alongside you.

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