So the other day I did it. I took out the sew-in that I had been holding on to since November. I hated to do it, honestly. I had grown accustomed to the “low-maintenance” hair style that afforded me the luxury of getting up and jetting out the door at the drop of a dime, since I didn’t have to spend and hour doing my hair.

I can’t say that I was happy about it, but I did it. It was time enough, my weave (courtesy of Super Weave Express) had done me justice, but it is now the New Year (2015) so I elected to not only let that sew-in go, but I took another bold step. I told myself “self, I’m not going to get a perm.” Not only was I not going to get a perm (I have a “love-hate” relationship with the thought of going “natural” after my last two attempts), but I also told myself that I was going to go the whole first week of the year WITHOUT wearing another weave!

Yeah, one week, I know it sounds trivial, but this is HUGE. I like many other women, am addicted to weave. Not because I can’t grow a head of hair of my own ( I actually have a pretty nice length), but the problem is that I prefer not to HAVE to maintain my own hair. Quite frankly, anything that takes up more of my energy and time, outside of my two year old, is a problem. So I resolve to  braiding up my mane and letting other people’s hair (my weave) do the trick.

And let me say this for those folks who need to hear this: NO, I DO NOT HAVE A SELF-ESTEEM PROBLEM. I have to say that for the weave cynic who believes that all women who wear weave must not love themselves; to be honest I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE WEAVE! All of the options it affords does a girl like me (who loves variety) justice!

But back to the matter. In an effort to become “mane-responsible” I decided to take out my weave and go with out a perm. (It’s like a 12 step program, I’m taking it one day at a time). I didn’t want to give myself the new year resolution pressure, but the first major thing I did on my journey to becoming “mane-responsible” was a Co-Wash! Check out this technique that I’m considering taking up. Who knows, maybe this one week will turn into another week, then another week and so on (no pressure on my self). I won’t hold my breath on me going natural, but I will give myself an “E” for effort for the time being :) Click here for the regimen and check out an example the video below.





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