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So, some men think that they have some of the same symptoms as a woman on their period.  According to The Daily Mail,

 UK coupon website polled 2,412 adults, half of them men, who had been in a relationship for a minimum of a year. They discovered that 25 percent of men believe they experience monthly “man periods,” with 26 percent even claiming they suffer from symptoms associated with menstruation. The top five symptoms the men claimed to have were: irritability (56%), being more tired than normal (51%), and increased cravings (47%). Forty three percent of the men even said they felt constantly hungry, 15 percent said they felt bloated, and another 43 percent said they were easily upset during their time of the month. The majority of women agreed their partners suffered monthly periods, with 33 percent admitting they deal with the situation by simply telling their partner to “man up.” The poll also revealed the average man who believes he has a “mad-period” spends an additional $124.62 on food and snacks per month, compared to those who don’t believe they experience such a phenomenon.

The guys that said that they have these “man periods” needs to grow a pair.

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