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Check this out, a new study finds that sitting too long can age you by eight years. According to Buzzfeed,

Researchers led by Aladdin Shadyab at the University of California San Diego used blood samples from nearly 1,500 women to examine their telomeres, which are the tips of the DNA in every cell, whose length can be a marker for how old a cell is. They found that among women who didn’t get the recommended 30 minutes a day of exercise, those who sat for 10 hours or more had shorter telomeres — meaning they were older. The amount of shortening added up to about eight years of aging. That means that the inactive women who spent more time sitting were about eight years older, on average, than those who were inactive but spent less time sedentary. Women who got the recommended amount of daily exercise didn’t show any association between how much time they spent sitting and telomere length, suggesting that physical activity might counteract the telomere shortening that occurs with aging.

So, if you have one of those jobs where you sit all day, you might want to stand for 10 minutes every hour.

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