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Bad hair days are no fun. But before you reach for your baseball cap, or scarf, follow our quick-fix tips to regain control of your hair style.

Pump Up Your Pony

Ponytails are usually the go-to when it comes to unruly hair. But more often than not, they can come off a bit casual. To dress yours up, bobby pin a 2-3 inch center section of your hair away from your forehead. Then pull your hair up and voila! You’ve added bit of volume and a hint of sophistication to your pony.

Hiding Split Ends

Straightening your hair will put your split ends on display, so bump those ends under with a curling iron instead. That will conceal them until your next hair appointment; a trim is the only to get rid of split ends altogether.

Limp Noodles

Avoid using conditioners and styling products if you have fine and straight hair. This will only weigh your hair down.

When All Else Fails

Choose an attractive hat to complement the day’s clothing and conceal unruly hair.

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