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Dr. Oz’s Anti-Aging Book

YOU: Staying Young: The Owner’s Manual for Extending Your Warranty

Dr. Oz’s Anti-Aging List for the Fridge and Pantry:

  • Antioxidants – Dr. Oz suggests 5 servings daily with examples such as: blueberries, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli and acai (a rainforest fruit with twice the antioxidants as blueberries)
  • Green and White Tea – 4 cups daily
  • Red Wine – 1 glass daily

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Spice List:

  • Cinnamon – to decrease blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol
  • Ginger – to decrease blood pressure, help with arthritis pain and reduce the risk of cancer
  • Curry/Tumeric – help with arthritis pain and to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Paprika/Cayenne – to decrease blood pressure and improve circulation
  • Rosemary – Dr. Oz explained that the herb can help with focus and learning

Additional Anti-Aging Foods:

Fiber: Dr. Oz suggested that women get 25 grams of fiber daily, while men need 35, by eating foods such as: steel-cut oatmeal, brown rice-pasta-bread, beans, 100% whole grains, psyllium husks, and chia (a Peruvian whole grain seed high in fiber, magnesium, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids)

Omega-3 Fatty Acid: Daily omega-3 can be found in: flax seed (which needs to be ground or roasted to release the oils), walnuts, spirolina algae (fish get their omega-3 fatty acids by eating this)

Olive Oil: Dr. Oz recommends 1-2 tablespoons daily, but not cooked in a frying pan because it loses its benefit, but on the food after cooking or coat the food before cooking

Exercise for Great Aging:

Cardiovascular exercise: 20 minutes of cardio at your ideal heart rate 3 times a week is what Dr. Oz suggests. The formula he provided for finding your ideal heart rate is to take 220 minus your age multiplied by .8

Strength Training: Muscle burns 50 times more calories than fat, so Dr. Oz included 30 minutes of strength training weekly by doing lunges, leg lifts and pull-ups – simple home exercises

Flexibility Training: Dr. Oz provided yoga positions as a way to become more flexible, including: the plank position, up dog, down dog, and warrior position

Meditation: 5 minutes of meditation a day says Dr. Oz to “reboot your engine and get back on track” by praying or finding a quiet place and making a vibration noise – Dr. Oz suggested yum and drawing out the word

Required Sleep and Sex for Great Aging:

Dr. Oz says that lack of sleep is a factor that is causing many people to age quickly. He suggests preparing for sleep by cleaning up and remembering to floss – it can take 2-5 years off of your real age – before heading to bed. Dr. Oz also explained that watching TV or computer work will alert the mind and body, so only do things that are soothing to help fall asleep.

The average American is having sex once a week, says Dr. Oz, increasing that to 2-3 times a week – in a loving relationship – will take almost 3 years off of your real age.

Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Vitamin List:

  • Vitamin D: Dr. Oz shared that over 50% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D – he recommends 1000 IU daily
  • Calcium: Calcium may make you constipated, so Dr. Oz suggests taking it with magnesium – 600mg of calcium and 200mg of magnesium twice a day
  • DHA Omega-3: Similar to fish oil, says Dr. Oz, DHA omega-3 comes in a pill form but doesn’t have the side effects of fish oil – he recommends 600mg a day
  • Baby Aspirin: 2 baby aspirin a day for people over 40 is Dr. Oz’s suggested dose – 2 baby aspirin have half the amount of 1 regular aspirin
  • Multivitamin: Dr. Oz explained the benefit of cutting a multivitamin in half and taking 1 half in the morning and 1 half in the evening – it will spread the vitamin intake evenly throughout the day