About Dr. J Thomas Smith

J Thomas Smith, J.D., Psy.D., D.Min., Ph.D. was one of the original staff members of Majic 102.1. He has hosted The Saturday Morning Show since 1994. He has co-hosted “Sunday Morning Live” since 2009. While serving as a staff announcer with American Forces Radio and Television Service from Hollywood, California, his programs were heard in more than 50 countries. He was voted “Air Personality of the Year on Pop Radio” by Black Radio Exclusive Magazine (BRE).

Over the years Smith has been actively involved in the community. Recently, he received a “Top 50 Black Attorney” award from D-Mars Business Journal. He has been honored as “A Man of Style” by Let the Fashions Begin, Inc. benefiting the Texas Children’s Sickle Cell Center and Sickle Cell Patients. He was honored by the Houston Sun Newspaper as a “Houston Sun Beacons of Light: Men of Valor and Purpose” honoree, and he received the 2013 “Community Hero” award from D-Mars Business Journal. He has received a number of proclamations from U.S. Congressional members, Texas House and Senate members and the Houston City Council.

Smith is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. He has appeared in a number of industrial and training films and has worked in major radio markets including Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Memphis and Washington, D.C.

Attorney Smith has a general federal law practice. His practice areas include immigration and citizenship, bankruptcy, mental health advocacy; sports and entertainment law. He is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, Georgia Supreme Court, Kansas Supreme Court, Tennessee Supreme Court, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, the United States District Courts for Kansas, Northern District of Georgia and the Southern, Eastern and Northern Districts of Texas and Kansas.

Dr. Smith serves as a mental health consultant and expert witness. He is licensed in Texas and Georgia as a professional counselor, and in Texas as a marriage and family therapist, childcare administrator and chemical dependency counselor. He is a National Board Certified (NCC) Counselor, Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and Master Addictions Counselor (NBCC). Among his many academic credentials he a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of San Jose (CR), Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) from California Coast University, Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) from American Christian College and Seminary and a Juris Doctor degree, from Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law.

Smith is the author of “The Secret to a New Life” (in 21 Days) fromXlibris Publishing. It is available at your favorite bookseller.

Texas Southern University was the location for the first-ever presidential forum organized to focus on women of color.  Several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates appeared before a packed house. MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Aime Allison of She the People, and audience members asked policy-specific questions of the eight candidates on hand. The greatest focus was on affordable […]

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State officials conceded that at least a quarter of a list of nearly 100,000 Texas voters flagged for citizenship review should never have been questioned. That’s because Texans have to present documentation, either as a citizen or as a legal permanent resident, to receive an identification card from the state. Following this process, voters who […]

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I recall having a discussion many years ago with my mentor and clinical supervisor, at the time. We were discussing domestic violence and sexual assault of women, when she made a startling statement. She said:  “When you have a female drug abuse client, it’s seldom a question of “if” she has been a victim of […]

Join Dr. J Thomas Smith  for “Sunday Morning Live” from 9:00-11:00 (ct).  Be a part of the conversation by phone with our guests Janice Beal, EdD, LPC, of Beal Counseling & Associates discussing “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”. We will also be joined by Deavra Daughtry, President, Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation discussing TWEF’s Sweet 16th Anniversary […]

Domestic Violence Awareness Month will eventually end. Unfortunately, domestic violence and its consequences to victims is not coming to an end. Domestic violence victims are mainly women, but men and children are victims, too.  Join me this week on “Sunday Morning Live” as I discuss these and other issues with our guest, Dr. Janice Beal.  […]