About Sky

Majic 102.1 welcomes on-air personality SKY HOUSTON back to the airwaves! First joining the KMJQ-FM family in 2002, and hosting “Majic after Midnight” in 2005, SKY is no stranger to bringing her sassy energy on-air.

While the #1 fear in the world for the average person is speaking before a crowd, SKY is a universal force behind the microphone and for her, the gift of gab comes with ease. A self-proclaimed entertainment junkie, SKY can be seen behind the velvet rope mingling with the who’s who of Black Hollywood or interviewing local up and coming artists, community activists and executives. A tastemaker, SKY has worked within the radio and entertainment industry in the Houston, St. Louis, Cleveland and New York markets. Away from the spotlight, SKY has a passion for philanthropy and finds joy in mentoring youth. Sky participates in conferences, seminars and workshops during the year empowering women, youth and young executives.

Follow SKY_HOUSTON online at Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook.

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So we know that line dances are all the rave, especially on Saturday nights. One of our favorite zydeco songs featured during Walter D’s Club Majic mix is Lil Nathan’s L’argent. Check out this group of ladies put it down to the record:

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Mary J. Blige is back with her latest from her London Session’s album called “Doubt”. I loved the song, but I love it even more now that I’ve seen the video. Check it out below:

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Claiming the new title of “King of Swing” is the young old soul artist by the name of TUCKA. No introduction needed to the city of Houston as the ladies (and even the fellas) are feeling this joint “Dont Make Me Beg” check out the video below.