Sky Houston

About Sky Houston

Majic 102.1 welcomes on-air personality SKY HOUSTON back to the airwaves! First joining the KMJQ-FM family in 2002, and hosting “Majic after Midnight” in 2005, SKY is no stranger to bringing her sassy energy on-air.

While the #1 fear in the world for the average person is speaking before a crowd, SKY is a universal force behind the microphone and for her, the gift of gab comes with ease. A self-proclaimed entertainment junkie, SKY can be seen behind the velvet rope mingling with the who’s who of Black Hollywood or interviewing local up and coming artists, community activists and executives. A tastemaker, SKY has worked within the radio and entertainment industry in the Houston, St. Louis, Cleveland and New York markets. Away from the spotlight, SKY has a passion for philanthropy and finds joy in mentoring youth. Sky participates in conferences, seminars and workshops during the year empowering women, youth and young executives.

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Not often does a group stick together. Nor is it often we see a group’s return to the music game become successful and dully received by fans of yesteryear. It’s safe to say R&B Group JODECI has accomplished this with their latest single, “Every Moment” from the album “The Past, The Present, The future.” I […]

Mr. ‘Crazy-Deranged’ Martin Lawrence is BACK! ‘Thin Line’ Part 2 is coming.   This week actor, comedian and writer Martin Lawrence revealed via Instagram that he’d “just finished writing “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate 2” and that he is UBERLY excited! The funnyman who originally made his way into our hearts as a […]

Although this story is a few years old now, reading it today almost made me cry. The story is about a cook and a janitor, who stuck it out (without pay) when an assisted living home in California went under. It’s sort of the most unlikely thing you could have ever imagined that 1) An […]

Once upon a time  (1994-1995) a few great men of music got together to embody what it meant to be Young, Talented and Black, and what it meant to support the message #BlackLivesMatter…The results were a smash hit titled “U Will Know”. The song was featured on one of my favorite movies- Jason’s Lyric, which also happened to […]

  Ok. It’s Monday. The Monday before the esteemed “Valentine’s Day” and while I am a single, non-dating woman who is not expecting or looking to receive gifts from a lover or significant other (my son is only 2 so he won’t count for years to come); I am looking forward to being someone’s “Funny […]

  Kids are learning THE HARD WAY, that what you say on SOCIAL MEDIA can affect you in REAL life. It’s a new dawn, a new day and employers are always watching. Apparently, a Texas teenager learned this lesson the hard way, when she was fired for this tweet the DAY before she was scheduled […]

MLK’s Mother was Assassinated, too? WHO KNEW!? I read Alberta Williams King, Mother to assassinated activist and history maker, Martin Luther King, Jr. was also slain on June 30th 1974, while playing the piano at her church. I was in disbelief while reading the article and I wondered why I had never heard this story […]

What does the “Average Black Girl” look like to you? Does she look like the Olivia Pope’s on television reciting lines? Maybe the Michelle Obamas of the world? Or perhaps the average black girl looks like those we honor and remember during [Black History Month] like Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman’s? Ernestine Johnson recites her experiences as an […]

***BREAKING NEWS** Yes, I typed breaking news. Listen, if reports of Kim Kardashians rear end can be called “breaking” then the least that this can be considered for true basketball sports fans like myself, is that news of Kobe Bryant sustaining injuries that could have him out for the year, is BREAKING NEWS! We dont know […]

So I’ve said it to an ex-boyfriend of mine before: “Look, if I’m not married by this time and you’re not married by this time…let’s just do it; let’s get married.” He and I both figured that both of our parents would eventually want some grand babies, and who are we to be selfish, on […]

I was amazed and pleased to see that Cissy Houston still has it! Check her out with the Diva Aretha Franklin on David Letterman:

People steal many things – money, cars, food… Now you can add BREAST IMPLANTS to the list! KPRC reports that 5 Houston Men stole photo ID’s to buy cars and breast implants. Police said in addition to the cars, the suspects bought 12 luxury cars for a total of $485,136 plus used other people’s IDs to get lines of credit […]