About Sky

Majic 102.1 welcomes on-air personality SKY HOUSTON back to the airwaves! First joining the KMJQ-FM family in 2002, and hosting “Majic after Midnight” in 2005, SKY is no stranger to bringing her sassy energy on-air.

While the #1 fear in the world for the average person is speaking before a crowd, SKY is a universal force behind the microphone and for her, the gift of gab comes with ease. A self-proclaimed entertainment junkie, SKY can be seen behind the velvet rope mingling with the who’s who of Black Hollywood or interviewing local up and coming artists, community activists and executives. A tastemaker, SKY has worked within the radio and entertainment industry in the Houston, St. Louis, Cleveland and New York markets. Away from the spotlight, SKY has a passion for philanthropy and finds joy in mentoring youth. Sky participates in conferences, seminars and workshops during the year empowering women, youth and young executives.

Follow SKY_HOUSTON online at Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook.

Could you imagine YOUR baby being sick at the intentional hands of another?? “In what is being called a contemporary version of the horrific Tuskegee experiment, a prominent Baltimore medical institute has been accused of  enticing poor black families with small children to move into lead-tainted homes during the 1990s to study the poisonous effects of lead paint.” A class-action lawsuit […]

If you get married the intent is to stay married, right?  Well  here’s a list of symptoms that “the end” could be near : You really are’nt best friends There are Outbursts You feel Sick (with dread) Too Much to Drink You’re being Watched (or doing the watching) Rolling of the Eyes One of you is Unhappy (all the time) You dont […]

Heck yes! If there was a show fusing a R&B Housewives-like show with Unsung and featured R&B veterans Syleena Johnson, Faith Evans, Tweet, Angie Stone etc., I’d watch! Word on the street is that R&B veterans Syleena Johnson, Faith Evans, Tweet, Angie Stone and others will star in an upcoming reality show, “Diary of a Diva.” […]

Last week I read an article alleging Jennifer Hudson has postponed her wedding to fiancé David “Punk” Otunga because he wouldn’t sign a pre-nup. Today, I stumbled upon an article about TEMPORARY MARRIAGES! Officials in Mexico City are considering a new way to address divorce rates, where couples might be able to decide on the length of their […]


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WARNING: IT IS NFL SUNDAY!!!! Yep. Men are fairly simple creatures, just as you thought they were. When it comes to Sunday and Monday night football, all you really have to do is FEED them and LEAVE them alone!  But what must YOUR husband, boyfriend or mate “DO” Tuesday thru Saturday to receive this NFL […]