TJMS We all know and love this guest and you can’t go a day without hearing one of his songs on the radio. He actually came on the air this morning singing! John Legend says he and Tom Joyner have been “cruising together, up early in the morning together, and singing” together for about 15 […] Did y’all see Lizzo’s outfit at the Lakers Game? She was literally “ass out” at the game Huggy said. She had on a T-Shirt dress with her butt completely exposed. Where they do that at? Huggy says she needs to be at the next Washington Washington Football Team game to “show their asses how it’s done!” Secretary Hillary Clinton called it “a pleasure to be back on” the Tom Joyner Morning Show “and a part of this big surprise” send off for Tom Joyner. Hearing her voice on the line left everyone is speechless, including Kym and Sherri. Clinton jokes that since the crew got to “the real president Clinton […] Kids today want a bunch of high tech gifts for Christmas like iPhones, and iPads, and laptops. But Chris Paul remembers a simpler time. When he was a child he of course wanted things for Christmas but his list was reasonable. His only thought on Christmas eve was hoping that Santa would bring him […] This guest announces himself as a member of a family that’s like the “Jackson’s that ain’t Jackson’s because we can’t sing.” Marlon Wayans thanks Tom Joyner for all of the times that he’s let him come on the show, and jokes that he only got on the show because he loves his other siblings. […] Tom Joyner teases just about everyone, all in good fun of course! And he likes to poke fun at Kirk Franklin because of his height. But, Franklin actually has a great sense of humor. He introduces himself as Tom’s “little friend.” He thanks Tom for all of his hard work over the years and […] Ladies have you ever lost a friend over a man? Kym has, she lost a girlfriend and a gay friend over the same man! Her girlfriend showed her photos of her new boo, but then her gay friend showed her his new boo and it was the same man! People get mad when you […] NFL week 14 is behind us now and man it was a good one. Both the Saints and 49ers put up over 40 points but the 49ers came out on top! The Falcons put a whooping on the Panthers and the Steelers beat the Cardinals by 4. Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes beat Tom […] This guest has been called Mr. President and Sybil and Tom believe he should  be called Mr. First Husband of the United States, because his wife should be President right now. Bill Clinton says that he is excited for Tom to enter the retirement phase of his life and shares that he has “absolutely […] Arsenio Hall gives Tom huge props and tells him that he “brought the world together,” and “changed the game.” Hall truly believes that “God meant for [Tom] to be the strongest man to ever speak to America,” after all he is the son of Hercules Joyner. And that’s not all, Hall has a special guest for […] Chris Paul is a genius, that’s what you’ll be saying after this one. This morning minute is a song about Christmas shopping, but not your average holiday song. This one is about someone shopping for a mom who hopes to catch the eye of a baller and becoming a trophy wife. What would you […] April Ryan White House Correspondent, DC Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks has “adored” Tom Joyner since before they even met. She says she “loved” him the first time she saw and read about him in Ebony magazine. She tells Tom that being on the Tom Joyner Morning Show was a “bucket list” […]