Majic 35th Anniversary

If you weren’t able to make it to Majic’s 35th Anniversary you missed a very magical event! Luckily for you, we were able to film this spectacular anniversary concert featuring comedian Ali Siddiq, Jill Scott and Charlie Wilson brought to you by Xfinity, Direct Energy, Bud Light, Waverly Nolley, Gulfgate Dodge and Fiesta. [ooyala code=”1haGtiNjp7DXEdXW3RnyRxHe_9Be-kzF”] Related Stories:

Comedian Ali Siddiq opened up Majic’s 35 Anniversary concert and he left our listeners in tears. He also talked about what he has been working on. Check out the interview below! [ooyala code=”g4ZjRiNjr4Qloqx0nQnGR76IBboxJSC-“]

Charlie Wilson brings down the house at Majic’s 35th Anniversary concert & talks about bringing awareness to prostate cancer. [ooyala code=”JvaDRiNjoiRKoYQ4TsaCpLzWA5hA3Ie9″]

Jill Scott performs at Magic 35th Anniversary concert and tells Marco Spoon and Kandi Eastman why urban radio stations such as Majic 102.1 are  important for R&B artists. Check out the interview and photos below! [ooyala code=”I4ajRiNjpGxKy6_rX6NVd6rMVsOTvWqW”]

Jill Scott is looking good! Click here to see how she did it. SOURCE:

Via:  Jill Scott One Of The Queens Of “Neo Soul,” graces the cover on the October issue of Essence Magazine.” Read More – Legendary singer, Charlie Wilson stopped by Majic 102.1 studios to talk about his new album, his battle with prostate cancer & why it’s so important for men to get tested – especially since African Americans are twice as likely to die from this disease than other ethnicities: I was diagnosed in 2008 but I […]