Tiffany Haddish has opened up about Mo’Nique’s boycott against Netflix. During Haddish’s recent interview with GQ, the Girls Trip star said, “My business run different than her business, I don’t live her life. I don’t have that husband of hers. I’m looking at how [Netflix has] opened up so many opportunities for black females and comedy. When my people are dying, […]

Jada Pinkett Smith is incredibly upset with how the Oscars have snubbed Black artists this year, and she’s questioning how they should respond. Jada is not feeling the whole 50-Shades-of-Beige vibe going on with the Academy Awards this year. Among the field of nominees, there are no artists of color up for any of the […]

Marcus Davis is opening up the phone lines during Sunday Morning Live. This week’s “one-hundred-twenty of plenty” is dedicated to hearing your thoughts on a variety of topics. Since we last met over the airwaves, many things have happened in the world, in our state and in the city we call home. Call in at […]

  LeBron James Planning To Boycott  the 2014-2015 season if Sterling is still an owner. Should LeBron do this? Read More


Check out the racist rant of NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling at Click here for MORE.

In wake of the Zimmerman verdict, more artists like Usher, Jay Z, Kanye West, Madonna, Alicia Keys and Erykah Badu are joining Stevie Wonder and Mary Mary in the boycott of the state of Florida.  Click here for the updated list of artist who are saying no to the sunshine state.

News is now selling ‘D’jango Unchained’  action figures.  It’s seem to spark some controversy with some people and now Project Islamic Hope’s Najee Ali and a coalition of African America community leaders are boycotting the sell of the toys. Read more here.

Let me just say upfront that I love me some Chick-fil-A. I love the grilled chicken sandwich, mostly because as a Weight Watchers member, grilled chicken is one of the best foods a person can eat and feel full for hours.

The reality star is being boycotted since her recent and frequent violent outbursts.


Via Publisher and MSNBC contributor Karen Hunter is urging everyone to boycott the tv show, “Celebrity Apprentice”, in protest of Donald Trump’s comments toward the president. She called into the TJMS this morning to talk with Jacque Reid. In case you missed the interview, we have the audio for you to listen below. MORE […]