According to “Education Week” a high percentage of teenagers are addicted to their cellphones. As a consequence, many of them need help. They are unable to control their good use of the device. Rather, it controls them. While their bodies are in the classroom, their minds are inside their cellphones. If they graduate from high […]

(HOUSTON)– Though many were not pleased with the new fingerprint technology as phone security, this authentication feature could make life easier. The Touch ID was introduced…

The Supremes will re-enter the debate on your privacy rights Tuesday.  The Court will give its ruling in June on whether police must get a warrant before they can search the data on the cell phone of a person under arrest. How will this affect you? has the complete story.  Read more:  

Researchers from Baylor University and Seton Hall University have found that cell phone addiction, as well as instant messaging, is driven by impulsivity and materialism. For the study, researchers analyzed questionnaire results from nearly 200 college students. The questionnaire was meant to assess the students’ levels of impulsivity and materialism, as well as possible addiction […]

They told the women they could put her on a payment    click here for the full story source:

If you have ever been concerned about your privacy you need to read this post. Your cell phone could be telling more than you know. has the story.  Read More:

source Bishop Carl Mimms III (pictured)  is hoping that Sprint will be bombarded with fire and brimstone for allegedly giving his suspicious wife, Diane (pictured), access to his cell phone records, reports Courthouse News Service.  Now the miffed minister is suing the telecommunications company. click here to read more


via: A girl chatting on her cell phone in China fell through a sidewalk weakened by water. Firefighters rescued her. See More

According to the AP, apparently pop star Chris Brown doesn’t want anyone to take his picture.

After years of speculation and wives tales about whether or not the radiation from cell phones could cause cancer, on Tuesday, the World Health Organization announced that there is indeed a link to cancer. The agency now lists mobile phone use in the same “carcinogenic hazard” category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform. Before its […]