Here’s  three key tips on how to increase your credit score. 1.Building good credit. 2. How to improve your utilization ratio. 3. Removing damaging items on your credit report.

Very often, bankruptcy is the last ultimate solution for many debtors who have unbearable debts. With the filing of a chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will get rid of your debts instantly upon discharge and you will be relieved from the harassing calls of your creditors. Although bankruptcy has many undesirable consequences such as your bad […]

Marlon Mitchell joined Sunday Morning Live yesterday to talk business opportunities in the city of Houston and how to establish yourself to capitalize on them. Mitchell, president of Houston Business Development Inc., shared information about workshops to be held tomorrow, December 1, 2015 including “Access to Capital” which will highlight topics like understanding your credit report, matching […]

Marlon Mitchell, president of Houston Business Development Inc. joins Sunday Morning Live this Sunday to talk about your credit, and how it impacts your ability to grow your business. Houston Business Development, Inc. (HBDi) is a non-profit organization founded by the City of Houston and dedicated to small business lending and community development. Be sure to […]

Mellody Hobson is talking to us about a troubling new report on how our credit scores are used. Mellody: We all know that our credit score…

  Mellody Hobson is President of Ariel investments, a Chicago-based money management firm that serves individual investors and retirement plans through its no-load mutual funds…


Office-supply retailer Staples confirmed a data breach that may have affected 1.16 million customer credit cards.  Click here for More on Data Breach.

Mellody Hobson is President of Ariel Investments, a Chicago-based money management firm and she has some great new for those of you that have old medical bill weighting down your credit. Click here to listen 

While we were on break, a story broke about credit that blew my mind. Brace yourself for this: Watch the company you keep, because your…


Listen to the fun but serious discussion about credit cards and overcoming debt, as Roland Martin talks with Deborah Owens on the TJMS. Click here to access Audio.

Roland Martin talks with financial wiz Deborah Owens about what you can do to become credit card savvy and overcome debt.


Stay ahead of the curve.  We have some help for you to maintain responsible habits and avoid becoming entrenched in credit card debt. Click here to READ MORE.