According to reports, from Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly has filed a law suit in a Chicago court alleging R. Kelly has not paid his court ordered amount of $20,833 for their three children. That doesn’t sound like much to me if your R Kelly but The new court filings come after R. Kelly finally paid of his […]

A study has showed that as you age it’s harder for you to remember things because you have much more imputed in your brain. The brain is made up into two hemispheres, with each side specializing in different operations. Brain scans show that while young people often use only one side for a specific task, middle-aged […]

Your soreness can last anywhere from two to four days after a workt. Rather than stopping all movement and letting the pain take over during that time, you should work through it and keep your muscles moving instead, says Mager. Read More

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I have ran 6 marathons  and ready to do more now before you say you couldn’t do that  here is my story. I started running just a half a block in my neighborhood but I stayed with it, five days a week and that half a block went to a whole block then that half […]

Jump And Squat, Burpees and Flight Of Stairs all are great exercises and here are some other and all it takes is 30 minutes. Read More  

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