Many people are unhappy with Facebook right now. Late last week it was confirmed that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has the ability to delete Messenger communications from other peoples’ inboxes, and now the social network is going to give all users that option. In a statement, Facebook said, “We have discussed this feature several times. […]

Twitter announced changes yesterday (May 24th) that will allow for longer messages without changing the 140-character limit per tweet. According to Mashable, Starting in the next few months, photos, videos and other media won’t count toward the 140-character limit, and neither will text in replies that start with the “@” symbol and the user’s name. […]

The goal of Facebook’s new messaging client is to simplify private communication, but as it turns out, executing that has been astoundingly complicated. Facebook announced and began rolling out the new version of Messages in November, and even now, the company has yet to activate the feature for all of its more than 500 million […]

From MSNBC A study commissioned by online gadget review site found that 38 percent of people under age 25 had stolen a glance at their lover’s texts or e-mails – without that person’s permission or awareness. Among married adults of any age, the rate was 36 percent. Read More, You Know You Want To…