Netflix and Fly?  You may soon be able to watch Netflix in the air. According to a report in Variety, The streaming company plans to offer its product to airline carriers worldwide beginning in 2018. The company says it’s mobile streaming technology could help airlines save up to 75 percent in bandwidth costs, and would […]


The airline industry is trying to make more money by offering new extras with you travel.  According to Pulse of Radio, Passengers of certain airlines are now able to pay up for renting an iPad preloaded with movies, hot first class meals in coah, and paying to have an empty seat next to them. Others […]

If you’re looking forward to the new iPhone 5S, well you’re just have to wait a couple more weeks before Apple announces its new phone.  But what Apple did announce today is the iPhone trade-in.  Click here to get the 411 on this sweet deal.  

According to Billboard, Marvin Gaye’s family reportedly rejected a six-figure settlement offer from Robin Thicke’s camp over the song “Blurred Lines”.  The Gaye estate claims that the song sounds a lot like Gaye’s “Gots To Give It Up”.  Read the whole story by clicking here . Photo credit: Billboard