I recently experienced a shoulder injury. No, I wasn’t pumping iron, again (jokey-joke). But, when I went to see my physician-specialist, he made three recommendations. The first was an offer of a prescription for opioid painkillers.  Well, as an addictions specialist, that was not an option for me. Statistics tell us that that scenario is […]

A new study found that in addition to the dangers of addiction, there could be a new worry about opioid painkillers, with University of Colorado researchers that they could cause chronic pain. The Denver Post reports that, The study found that opioids, like morphine, caused an increase in chronic pain in lab rats, a finding […]


The exhibition, dubbed “Taking the Stage,” will include the cover from his 1964 album “I Started Out as a Child” and an “I, Spy” comic book.

A Wisconsin boy died after taking oxycodone following a tonsillectomy. Hospital officials say it's rare for patients to die following the routine operation.