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For iPhone: The whole country is watching New York City to see with it does with its controversial “Stop and Frisk” policy. The new Mayor…

According to the AP, one has to wonder is President Obama not getting any love at all because he is black.  The tension is in the air.

Rev. Sharpton’s mother is grand, she raised a hardworking man…The fact that Rev. Sharpton even preached at the rally is even more courageous because after his mom passed away that morning he could have stayed home.


Driving through the streets of Detroit one hot summer evening in 1973, I was abruptly pulled over by two white police officers – one with his hand on his pistol – who ordered me out of my mother’s brand-new Monte Carlo and forced me to stand silently on the sidewalk.

It’s almost been a week since we brought up the “Black Super Hero Cookies.” Now a fast-food restaurant in Beijing called Obama Fried Chicken was derided in America yesterday as a racist rip-off. Its sign shows a grinning caricature of President Obama’s head on a skinny version of Colonel Sanders’ body. Below it, written in […]

As Americans we can be looked at as being very touchy and try to be too PC when it comes to such things that display racial reference, but could it be the result in how we have been nurtured or what certain regions are culturally used to.  Well, I have an interesting update for you. “Black […] *Director Spike Lee says he’s still waiting for Hollywood to open up to black filmmakers in a meaningful way.  

*Sherri Shepherd may be known for making people laugh, but the comedian and co-host of “The View” says back in the day – she was the one being laughed at – by bullies at her school. “My dad worked two jobs and moved us to the suburbs, and just being a black person, I went […]

An unarmed man who was shot in his driveway by a Bellaire Police Department sergeant in 2008 continued to say he was the victim of racial profiling after the officer was found not guilty of wrongdoing by a Harris County jury Tuesday. The jury deliberated about four hours before finding Bellaire police Sgt. Jeff Cotton […]