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Motivation IS, an inside job.

Inertia is the most difficult thing to overcome.  When it gets down to improving ourselves in any part of our lives, we must have a clear reason to get started and to keep

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going. The reason IS our motivation for doing the thing that we do.

To simply attempt to improve any type of growth in one’s life, one must be motivated in a definite manner to simply begin.  Techniques for self-improvement begins with understanding exactly what it is you really want to accomplish. That is followed by planning a clear course of action through which you can achieve each of the positive changes you seek.

Keep it Simple

While it is true that “you can go to the ocean with a bucket or a teaspoon”, the changes you seek do not have to be drastic.  In fact, it is best not to make drastic changes all at once.  Keep it simple. A particular change for you may possibly be something as simple as carving out a time period to write in your daily journal. The change can be anything to enhance your general well-being such as exercise, reducing alcohol consumption, improving your diet or quitting smoking.

Motivation is an inside job. That is to say it is something that you desire to do for yourself.  If you have a family, for example, the despite to support your family keeps you motivated to get up each morning to be a rush hour road warrior as you head for the j-o-b.

Common Motivations

Young children often become the motivating power behind the saving of money.  If not for your children, you may choose to spend money for the latest tech gear, to travel or simply to have a fun time.  You are aware that money is necessary for your children’s higher education.

Rather than what your children need, you may also want to give them some of the things they want such as fancy labeled clothing or toys to play with.  The desire to buy and maintain a home and to have time to spend time together and make memories are just a few of the reasons you get up in the morning and head off to work.

What Motivates You

Simply gathering with co-workers, friends and colleagues helps you to get an appreciation whom you have become and your position or role in the world.  Socialization, self-confidence as well as personal development are three primary elements of life.  When you appreciate life and all it has to offer, you can become motivated, even driven, to accomplish outstanding things.

Success does not have to be seen as such by everyone. Success to you might be something as simple as walking two miles a day.  It could be learning to braid hair. Or just maybe, success to you could be putting all of those poems you’ve been writing over the years together in a book.  Whatever motivates you, the bottom line is the feeling that you have accomplished something that you chose for yourself.  So, what motivates you? Be clear.  Write it down.  Get started and keep going until you experience the success you seek.

 J Thomas Smith is host of “Sunday Morning Live” on “The People’s Station” KMJQ/Majic 102.1 (9-11 cst). He is an attorneyauthorkeynote speaker and mental health consultant. Your comments are welcome at or Follow on Twitter @drjtsmith102 on and