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jamican food

I was bless to grow up in the South Park area of Houston next door to a Jamaican family we were a very shearing  community even with food so I know how real Jamaican cuisine taste. We move from that area of Houston in the late 80’s and I thought I would never experience that taste again until I discover the Reggae hut. This cool spot located in 3rd ward took me back in time I started off the Beef patties they was so crispy and golden brown  with a  spicy filling of season meat. Then it was time for my main dish and I went straight for the Jerk Chicken it had that good blacken color and the smell of what I think was cayenne  and about fifty other spices all hit my nose at the same time. The chicken was grill just right not dry at all and  serve   with a side of fresh veggies and season rice and peas. This is a must try, check them out at 4814 Almeda  phone 713  520 7171