Today,  make yourself available to be a blessing and help someone who’s struggling or hurting.  You’ll be blessed far greater than you have ever imagined!

At a time when the entire state is under such a severe financial crunch even the most basic of city services are often deemed to be in peril, a Detroit not-for-profit agency is paving the way for homeless dads to remain under the same roof with their children as they desperately strive to regain their […]

Is this a trip ot what! I found this online via the Huffingtonpost     So as the countdown begins to this year’s Calgary Stampede, I’m reminded of last year’s “debacle” during the festivities. That is, I spent eight hours at a bar with a handsome “urban cowboy” who professed to be single and genuinely […]

Via: Everybody knows marriage is difficult, particularly if you don’t put the time and effort into building a strong foundation. It gets easier with time, but during the process of growing into mature, selfless spouses, marriage requires a will to fight for the union. Marriage is not for the weak-minded or soft-hearted. Marriage is […]

During lunch earlier this week at a posh Beverly Hills restaurant, Oprah Winfrey foot the bill for a homeless man to have a lavish lunch.

If you like to seduce or be seduced, chances are you’re familiar with the Detroit-based crooner known as KEM. Born Kem Owens, he struggled with addiction and homelessness before finding his way through music.  

I am a 25-year old female who has been dating a 42-year old man.  We have been dating for about a year and a half. I am also a mother of two children. When me and this man first saw one another we knew we had to get to know one another. A little in […]


Via: Although white women were once thought to be the sole group battling eating disorders, over the past few years, reports of eating disorders among minorities — particularly African-Americans — have increased. Stephanie Covington Armstrong, an African-American woman, shares her struggles with bulimia with theGrio. For more on this story visit site above.


Via: Chyna Young, an 18-year-old who inspired others with her determination to remain part of her child’s life despite her own devastating injuries, died recently in a Louisiana hospital.  Young, who was shot by her boyfriend when she was three months pregnant, spent months at TIRR Memorial Hermann after being shot and paralyzed from […]

Via: All moms need more time to handle their busy schedules – that’s a universal truth – but it could be argued that no one feels that cataclysmic time shift more than a first-time mother.

There’s a child that could use the advice that you give to others everyday…Help them by becoming a big brother or a big sister.

via: In the United States, more than 6,500 people are waiting for HIV/AIDS drugs from a government program. The AIDS Drug Assistance Program provides medication to people with HIV/AIDS who are uninsured, low-income and otherwise unable to afford the life-saving drugs. These drugs can cost upwards of $4,000 a month. In 12 states, ADAP […]