Usher shared a steamy photo on Snapchat yesterday (April 28th) which had everyone talking. He first posted a pic of himself in the steam room shirtless and then he directed the camera downward and showed off his naked body, covering his manhood with a big mouthed emoji. After getting dragged for his slim figure, he […]

Not quite sure what made the once popular rapper/reality show star DMX drop his boxers and run naked around a hotel…then again were not sure why he does half the stuff he does LOL.   The footage is compliments of TMZ who later reached out to DMX to find out the reason behind the streaking […]

Health and wellness seems to be all the buzz now with the fun-interactive work-outs, celebs sharing pics of their work out sessions, fashion- froward work out attire, segments on our favorite day-time talk shows dedicated to fitness all show us this movement is strong and is going to be around for some time. Where are […]

Wendy Williams would rather go completely naked than wear fur. The talk diva — and former fur lover has posed for PETA’s new “I’d Rather Go Naked” ad. She said about being a new spokesperson for PETA, “We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin and let the animals keep theirs.” Wendy will […]

There are certain things that men should never do naked. Shooting pool should be somewhere near the top of that list, too many accidents can happen. This lesson was not lost on Prince Harry as he was caught with his pants down, er, confiscated after a game of strip billiards in Las Vegas this past […]

Investigators say a Houston woman was found naked and eating ice cream in a drug store after having a car accident, leaving her three children…

Joseph Farley has made national headlines for his now infamous unicycle ride in the nude. Farley, who is from Kemah was arrested on Wednesday on…

Yes, Sybil actually had the nerve to ask Tyler Perry is he going to get naked and he said yes… All jokes aside, Perry called in to talk about his new movie “Good Deeds” which is in theaters today. While on air, he decided to donate $98,000 to a Pastor who decided to stay up on the […]

Beauty On Monday, when Dr. Mehmet Oz dropped by the Red Velvet Cake Studio, he talked about the importance of being or becoming comfortable with our naked selves. So many of us are so critical and even ashamed of our bodies that we choose just to ignore it.  


Taraji P. Henson goes nude in a new ad for Peta’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign. She shed her clothes so animals won’t have to shed their fur. Taraji very bluntly explained why she decided to join the campaign, “I don’t think a living being should suffer for the sake of fashion, […]