I was accused of being a smart mouth, so I became a smart mouth. –Marsha Warfield On this day, I will be cautious abouth the words I use to refer to my sons,  realizing that no one label defines them in the complexity of their evolving and unique self. Read more…

Marlon Wayans might be coming back to the small screen real soon. http://www.eurweb.com/2011/10/marlon-wayans-to-star-in-new-comedy-series/

Retired Lt. Col. Luke J. Weathers Jr., a member of World War II’s legendary Tuskegee Airmen died in Tucson at age 90. He will be buried with full honors at Arlington National Cemetery. Weathers was credited with downing two German fighter planes that attacked Army Air Forces bombers he was escorting.

Recently I personally was frantic when I hadn’t heard from a family member in weeks and became concerned of their where abouts and watching the news last night I felt like it would be extremely helpful and important to report this to the Majic family. On Monday October 3rd, Kimberly Lavaughn Rhodes is 7-months pregnant […]

As text messaging slowly takes the place of face-to-face conversations, I’ve noticed how easy it has become to avoid actual confrontation. You can express how you’re feeling using a few simple keyboard symbols and the rest is up to your imagination. The other morning my friend woke up and decided she was too hungover to […]

Kelly Rowland’s “Down For Whatever” is technically her next single for the UK, but that doesn’t mean we can’t watch the video over on this side of the pond. The visuals are appropriate for the electro-dance track; channeling a nightclub, Kelly moves & shakes under strobe lights and black lights with her male dancers in […]

I’m not sure if it was miscommunication or a publicity stunt, but “Basketball Wives” cast member Royce Reed will be returning for the fourth season. Royce took to Twitter to let her fans know she will be on the show: And VH1 told Loop 21 in an email. “We are gearing up to shoot our […]

The sale of the Philadelphia 76ers has been finalized and the new owners had a press conference on Tuesday. They rolled out the new ownership group – and surprise, surprise: Will Smith is down. http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=articles/entertainment/gossip/33607

A judge ruled Monday that a man charged with stalking Halle Berry should stand trial on two charges filed after he was repeatedly seen on the actress’ property earlier this year. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Melissa Widdifield issued her ruling after hearing from two witnesses called during a preliminary hearing to show some of […]

Harry Belafonte probably thought he’d just close his eyes for a minute while waiting for an early-morning satellite interview. Next thing you know, the 84-year-old actor-activist was asleep in his chair on live television. The video has now gone viral. Watch video below. Belafonte was waiting to promote his new memoir, “My Song” with KBAK […]

As the fourth quarter gets in full motion more and more R&B artist are announcing their release dates; Surprisingly so Carl Thomas is not excluded.  Returning with his first studio album in 4 years, Carl reportedly  declares with confidence why he has returned, “I am back because this game will tell the truth on you. If […]

One of my favorite trends this summer was the maxi dress and thankfully we can take this trend into the fall. Pair your summer maxi dress with a cardigan sweater or a denim jacket and when the weather gets colder you can upgrade to heavier fabrics or one with long sleeves. Here are my some […]